At Sumisho Aero-Systems (SAS), our motto is “Sky’s the Limit,”
because we don’t limit ourselves when it comes to innovation and initiative.

Sumisho Aero-Systems Corporation is a trading company
within the Sumitomo Corporation Groups companies
and specializing in the defense and aerospace industries.

Sumisho Aero-Systems (SAS) has been bringing people, companies and countries together to contribute
to the creation of a peaceful and prosperous society.

We make use of the strong foundation laid down by our corporate groups companies, combined with flexible thinking and an openness to new ideas, to help us develop as a global company which broadly contributes, and creates new value, to society in the areas of aerospace-related technological innovation and national security.

To Our Customers

  • Business Structure

    Sumisho Aero-Systems Corporation plays a central role in defense and aerospace-related business within the Sumitomo Corporation Groups companies, contributing significantly to Japan’s national security.

  • Trading Company Services

    As a trading company, our services go beyond just marketing, sales and after-sales support to encompass new value creation at every stage of the value chain.

  • Major Customers

    We offer a robust domestic and overseas network that brings together suppliers and manufacturers with numerous business partners worldwide. We capitalize on relationships of trust that we have cultivated since our establishment to continue growing the quantity and quality of multifaceted services that we offer.

  • Results and Achievements

    We have a solid track record of delivering genuine, tailored products that meet the need for cutting-edge technology, performance and reliability of customers in the defense and aerospace industries. We currently offer not only equipment and accessories but also entire platforms (complete aircrafts and vehicles etc.).